Shared Web Hosting

Welcome to Shared Web Hosting, a technical site provided by the Ohio Department of Administrative Services (DAS) for the benefit of state agencies. Our goal for this site is to effectively share information with state agencies and enable the State, as an enterprise, to provide world class service via the Internet.

The Shared Web Hosting Service represents a packaging of IT services into a consolidated enterprise service. The Shared Hosting Environment is a secure, load-balanced, high-availability web environment for agency websites as well as for SQL applications. The Shared Web Hosting service is supported by the General Revenue Fund and is free to state agencies. 

Hosting Services

Shared Web Hosting (SWH) began as the Ohio Server Project in 1995 offering site development and hosting services to state agencies. Currently, SWH is focused on Website and Web application hosting. Website development and content management is now the responsibility of the individual agency. SWH provides agency staff members with individual FTP accounts to load files to the hosting environment through a secure FTP site. SWH provides a Microsoft SQLServer database to support Web applications based on .ASP or .Net.

Search Services

SWH manages the Google Search Appliance which enables the "search" function on The search engine crawls state agency websites starting at the Agencies page. The resulting index is used when a visitor accesses the portal search. A drop-down is provided to search individual agency websites. Agencies can take advantage of the drop-down by requesting to be included. The search index currently has a 1 million document capacity.

Content Management - DotNetNuke

DotNetNuke (DNN) is a Web content management tool. Each agency is set up with their own site and set of users. Each site contains a set of predefined skins which comply with the Statewide Web Standards. Agency staff members can add and update content text and images through the use of a rich text editor: knowledge of HTML is not required.